About Us

Each year, multiple Coatesville organizations would hold book bag drives to help the families and students of Coatesville to be properly equipped for the upcoming school year. In 2012 different Coatesville organizations came together to start a conversation with the hopes of unifying these events to best serve the community. Our aim was more than to provide a book bags for students. An idea was born to hold a city-wide event which would PREPARE and EQUIP the whole family (parents and students) for the coming school year. On August 22, 2013, the first Back to School – Prepare for Success Event was held at Scott Middle School. Over 1,250 book bags were distributed to preschool – 12th-grade students and 12 different community groups distributed information to families in our community.

9 years later, we are still working diligently to make sure that Coatesville students are prepared and well-equipped to start their school year.

This year we will distribute filled book bags through participating organizations in Coatesville. Students may register through their local organizations, or through this website if not engaged with these organizations. Participating Organizations registering students are: Bridge Academy and Community Center, Coatesville Youth Initiative, Coatesville Center for Community Health, Chester County Women’s Services, Regency Park Apartments, Chester County Futures, Coatesville Kids to College, Hutchinson Memorial UAME, Coatesville Coalition event, Coatesville Area School District.

2022 Coatesville Back to School Event Committee